Congratulations! おめでとう! Felicidades! 恭喜! बधाई हो! Поздравляю! 🎊

Your web server is working. Now make it work for you. 💪

Caddy is ready to serve your site over HTTPS:

  1. Point your domain's A/AAAA DNS records at this machine.
  2. Upload your site's files to /var/www/html.
  3. Edit your Caddyfile at /etc/caddy/Caddyfile:
    1. Replace :80 with your domain name
    2. Change the site root to /var/www/html
  4. Reload the configuration: systemctl reload caddy
  5. Visit your site!

If that worked 🥳

Awesome! You won't have to look at this slanted page anymore.

Remember, Caddy can do a lot more than serve static files. It's also a powerful reverse proxy and application platform. You can use the Caddyfile to enable any other features you need. Or you could use Caddy's API to configure it programmatically.

Everything you need to know is either in the 📖 Caddy documentation or the manual for your OS/platform. Have fun!

If that didn't work 😶

It's okay, you can fix it! First check the following things:

WAIT! Before trying again, switch to Let's Encrypt's staging environment to avoid being accidentally rate limited. Once you get everything else working, it's safe to switch back.

Depending on your DNS provider, it may take a while for the DNS records to propagate. Even when everything is configured properly, automated challenges to obtain TLS certificates usually take several seconds, but may take up to several minutes or hours.

If you still need help, we have a great community! First try a search, and if your question is original, go ahead and ask it! Remember to pay it forward and help others too. 😁

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